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To Survive in the Universe

"I don't think the human race will survive the next thousand years, unless we spread into space. There are too many accidents that can befall life on a single planet."  The SKY-MAP.ORG authors completely share these concerns of Stephen Hawking. The only words we could add are that the greatest threat to the human race is the human race itself.

The SKY-MAP.ORG authors believe that the majority of people today are too focused on their everyday life and do not have enough time to talk about the outer space. A person who understands the ways of the Universe will see the Earth through different eyes. Our planet is so diminutive and vulnerable that any small by the space scale accident can instantly destroy us all. The Universe is enormous, and people are incredibly insignificant in the infinite space, full of unknown dangers. From this point of view, all our mutual rivalries appear at least ridiculous.

The SKY-MAP.ORG authors would like to believe that by presenting the Universe to people, it is possible to change their attitudes towards our planet, life itself and each other. The authors are confident that the understanding of a person's own place in the Universe gives people internal freedom, the ability to appreciate oneself and to focus on the real problems, rather than on the vain ones.

The authors are convinced that SKY-MAP.ORG, having huge educational and scientific potential, could play an important role in the popularization of the science about the Universe. The authors hope that they can draw the people’s attention to the task about which almost no one takes the time to reflect upon thinks in their daily life - the task of SURVIVING IN THE UNIVERSE.

The authors suggest that this is a sensitive and difficult goal, and that the more people take this goal to heart, the better the chances of survival humanity has.

How Our Vision was Born